Hi, my name is Becca.

This is me with my husband Scott on our wedding day this past April (yep, I was a Covid bride). You'll often find Scott working alongside me either as my second shooter or the videographer! He is a super talented guy, which is just part of the reason I fell for him. ;)

photo by Katie Arnold Photography

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Mateo and Greyson

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these are the days.

My wedding was a short 8 months ago. As a wedding photographer, I had high expectations. But, because of the pandemic, we ended up getting married on my in-laws front yard with them, my parents watching on Zoom, our officiant, and my dear friend Katie who took photos for us.

Scott's parents surprised us immediately after our ceremony with a car parade, and over 70 cars showed up. Our wedding day was nothing like we imagined, yet it was still the best day ever. These photos already mean more to me now than they did when we first saw them.

All of our plans changed that day, but I can look at these photos and remember waiting to walk out that door to the man who was about to become my husband. I remember the way my legs were shaking at the altar. I remember exactly what the 10 am sun felt like as we said our vows. I remember the rush of emotion as we saw the people we loved so dearly (and hadn't seen in weeks) shower us with so much love.

So, what I really want you to know about me is that I believe with all my heart that YOU matter. Your life matters, your story matters, and no matter how it plays out, you want to remember it.

I am here to help you do that.

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